Art Photography

Art is for Making Your World Beautiful

Framed Shadows of Life 2
Photo Session with Ruins
Inner Self
Stairs to Climb

Images Exhibited at 'WHY DO YOU DO IT? Exhibition at Boomer Gallery, London

Blowing Breeze
Known and Unknown 1

Some Images from 'Many Facets of Life' series, used in a calendar

Life Means Bondages 1
Life has Complications
Marks of Life
Life is Gathering of Experiences
Will to live

Some Images of 2nd Solo Exhibition 'Aesthetic Beauty of Trees', Art and Soul Gallery, Dhaka

Barrenness in the Midst of Blue Beauty 1
Barrenness in the Midst of Blue Beauty 3
Barren but Bloomed
Aiming High 1
Spread Out Life 2
New Life Amidst Ruins

Some Images of 1st Solo Exhibition 'Songs in Praise of Trees', Shilpangan Gallery, Dhaka

Light and Shade 2
Light and Shade 3
Life has Hidden Wonders
Man's Perpetual Friend
Sunrise at St. Martin