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Photographer Ismat Jahan

Artist’s Statement

I love watching trees and photographing trees! Different shades of greens, textures of tree trunks, different shapes of leaves, everything inspires me. Sometimes I like to capture the landscape in its entirety, creating different compositions by positioning different trees at different angles, and sometimes I like to get close, taking closeups of only part of the trunk or leaves. I am also fascinated by historical sites. I love creating abstracts with old, ruined structures and some new elements to create a bonding between the past and the present.

In addition to colour images, I also like to create black and white images of trees and leaves to bring out textures clearly or to show shapes of leaves, or to create different patterns.

Through my photographs I want to inspire viewers to love trees and to feel for our earth, the only place we have. I believe when people learn to love trees, they would become more environmentally conscious.  I feel that there is a deep connection between trees and human lives. To show these connections I am interested in creating abstract photographs. For that I combine trees with other elements and sometimes with historical structures and human figures.


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