Empowered Women of Bangladesh

In the past, it was presupposed that women should stay at home and home is the most suitable place for her.  To look after the children and do the household chores were her only duties.  But with perseverance and struggle, women have come a long way from there.  Teaching as a profession was the first bridge to move out of the house and enter the outside world.  Now besides teaching, we see women in different occupations, in high positions in government service, private service and in the NGOs.  Women also emerged as entrepreneurs and running businesses successfully, even in the media sector we find presence of women not only as artists and journalists but also as producers and directors.
Women are walking with confidence in different fields of the society and making their presence felt.
Naila Tahmina Mahbub, after completing masters in Economics in 1999 she became a school teacher.
Majeda Haq, working at UNDP as a Poverty Analyst and Cluster Head (A.I).
Bilquis Jahan, working at a large local corporate as a Deputy General Manager.
Tawhida Akhtar, came to Dhaka from Mymensing and running a small roadside eating joint, along with her husband for two years.
Noor Banu, came to Dhaka from Chandpur. She and her sister are running this small roadside eating joint for the last six months.
Nujahan Begum (Shovan) is a designer and she is running a boutique Rupananda with her own collection since 2009.
Sur Jahan Punam, working at a private television channel as a Programme Producer. She is also a Presenter.
Bangladeshi women have put their mark on international level also. Besides, working in different international organizations in different countries, women are contributing in different sectors also. Recently, internationally acclaimed fashion designer Bibi Russell was bestowed with the Cross of Officer of the Order of Queen Isabella by the Spanish government. She not only made her own name as a designer at international level but also launched our weaving internationally. She contributed tremendously in turning the fate of our weavers.
The woman of Bangladesh with her dedication and struggle has opened up the door to realize her dreams. She is ready to fulfill her limitless dreams, she wants to touch the sky.

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